Mike Winder dismantles and reassembles words.

A staff writer at ArtCenter College of Design, his work
appears in the College's Dot Magazine and The Dotted Line blog.

His writing has also been published in the Los Angeles Times,
, Los Angeles CityBeat and other fine publications.

Previously, he studied creative writing at UCLA
and was a communications specialist at the J. Paul Getty Trust.

Writing Samples

Dot Magazine: ArtCenter College of Design

New Car Experiences: Art Center Explores the Future of Transportation [Spring 2015] *
The Next Big Thing Is Already Here: 60 Years of Art Center in Asia [Fall 2014] *
Who, What, Why, When, Wearables [Spring 2014] *
Transform, Transcend, Transmedia: The Changing Face of Graphic Design [Summer 2013] *
Custom Made for the Soul: Seth Astle and Bespoke Strive to Improve the Quality of People's Lives [Spring 2012] *
Designing from the Inside Out: Environmental Design at Art Center [Fall 2011]
Emerging Ambitions: Scholarships Support Artists, Designers [Summer 2011] *
The Limits of Control: Algorithms, Uniqueification and Bespoke Objects [Fall 2010] *
Today Washing Machines, Tomorrow Democracy [Spring 2009] *

Dotted Line: ArtCenter College of Design

Where urban and digital realms merge, the post-geographic city emerges [October 7, 2015] *
Classing up 1111 South Arroyo Parkway: Goodby '80s corporate office. Hello 21st-century atelier. *
m-a-u-s-e-r installation explores how nature became the digital world's aesthetic obsession [August 21, 2015] *
Art Center students pave the road into the future of autonomous cars [June 19, 2015] *
Move over, Siri, and let Nan Wang's Cartner do the driving [June 11, 2015] *
Autonomous for the people: cars of the future will need to balance new features with safety [June 3, 2015] *
Doing the unimaginable: Alum Dan Santat's Caldecott-winning book to become animated feature [May 29, 2015] *
Future road trip: Autospaces 2025 to explore the changing automotive landscape [May 20, 2015] *
Media Design Practices graduating students explore the countours of invisbility, visbility and spaces in-between [April 27, 2015] *
Forget smartwatches, Art Center students imagine a world of tech-feuled superpowers [March 27, 2015] *
Art Center in Asia: Onward Singapore [December 11, 2014] *
Art Center in Asia: Seoul Power [December 4, 2014] *
Art Center in Asia: It Began in Japan [November 21, 2014] *
Art Center in Asia: Create Change Design Forums at Beijing Design Week [November 14, 2014] *
Is Art Center the creative equivalent to bootcamp? [November 7, 2014] *
From Teen Midol to Macklemore: Storytelling by Graduate Film students takes many forms [November 3, 2014] *
Rhapsody in goop: Graduate Art alumnus Michael Zahn's Madita pays tribute to his muse [October 8, 2014] *
As seen in Star Wars Rebels, the Force is still strong with alumnus Ralph McQuarrie [October 6, 2014] *
Creative entrepreneurs go BOLD-ly forth, getting to the heart of the matter [September 15, 2014] *

ArtCenter College of Design Public Programs email campaigns

Brace yourself [Saturday High, Fall 2015] *
Make it 'til you make it [ArtCenter at Night, Fall 2015] *
Fight the creative drought [Art Center at Night, Summer 2015] *
Write your own story [Saturday High, Summer 2015] *
What are you waiting for? [Art Center for Kids, Summer 2015] *
Creature of the night [Art Center at Night, Spring 2015] *
Be what you want to [Saturday High, Spring 2015] *
Roses are red. Mars is too. [Art Center for Kids, Spring 2015] *
Don't sleep on it [Art Center at Night, Fall 2014] *
So what'cha want? [Art Center for Kids, Fall 2014] *
Ready to kick butt? [Saturday High, Fall 2014] *


Art Center College of Design Graduation Address, 2013:
Dieter Rams, renowned industrial designer, warns of mindless
consumption and urges responsible design [April 23, 2013]

Los Angeles Times

Stan Lee: Bring on the Dr. Strange video game [October 18, 2011] *     
Batman: Arkham City Takes the Madness Far and Wide [October 3, 2011] *
Comics vet Marv Wolfman talks about writing new Green Lantern game [July 5, 2011] *
X-Men: Destiny game allows players to build their own mutant [June 23, 2011] *
Spider Man: Edge of Time to send Peter Parker back to the future [June 10, 2011] *
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters video game looks to light it up [June 7, 2011] *
Thor: God of Thunder video game looks for new worlds to conquer [June 5, 2011] *
Pirates of the Caribbean Lego: Pig-riding and rare gaming comedy [May 29, 2011] *
Test Drive Unlimited 2: Forget the racing, let's get plastic surgery [March 8, 2011] *    
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Phoenix takes it to the dark side [February 20, 2011] *   

Los Angeles CityBeat/ValleyBeat

The Goo, The Bad, and The Ugly: Tim Biskup's Gama-Goo line [August 30, 2007] *
Byte Me: Atari Founder's new venture is part food, part videogame  [June 28, 2007] *
You Down with MCP?: 25 years later, Tron is more compelling than ever [May 24, 2007] *
From Outer Space and Down Rabbit Holes: Fry's' whimsical store décor [April 12, 2007] *

LA Alternative
Say it Ain't So, Al: Weird Al's Straight Outta Lynwood [September 29, 2006] *
Los Angeles c. 2231: Start planning for the big four-five-oh [August 25, 2006] *
Happy Happy Joy Joy Redux: Ren and Stimpy gets a happy ending [July 14, 2006] * 
Sexy Beast: Why Godzilla keeps us coming back for more [June 23, 2006] *
Los Angeles Plays Itself: E3 was swell, but game makers should get local [May 19, 2006] *

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