Mike Winder dismantles and reassembles words.

A staff writer at Art Center College of Design, his work
appears in the College's Dot Magazine and The Dotted Line blog.

His writing has also been published in the Los Angeles Times,
, Los Angeles CityBeat and other fine publications.

Previously, he studied creative writing at UCLA
and was a communications specialist at the J. Paul Getty Trust.

Writing Samples

Dot Magazine and Outer Circle: Art Center College of Design

Who, What, Why, When, Wearables [Spring 2014] *
Transform, Transcend, Transmedia: The Changing Face of Graphic Design [Summer 2013] *
Custom Made for the Soul: Seth Astle and Bespoke Strive to Improve the Quality of People's Lives [Spring 2012] *
Designing from the Inside Out: Environmental Design at Art Center [Fall 2011]
Emerging Ambitions: Scholarships Support Artists, Designers [Summer 2011] *
The Limits of Control: Algorithms, Uniqueification and Bespoke Objects [Fall 2010] *
In Their Words: 80 Years of Art Center [Spring 2010] *
Today Washing Machines, Tomorrow Democracy [Spring 2009] *

Dotted Line: Art Center College of Design

Art Center and Intel forge an alliance in the war of the wearables [March 10, 2014] *
Chinese immersion: Alum's award-winning agency behind high-adrenaline campaign [December 12, 2013] *
Danziger@90 celebrated alumnus and legendary designer Lou Danziger's lasting work [November 26, 2013] *
Cobras, Stingrays and Mako Sharks, oh my! Auto afficianados get "Inspired by Nature" at Car Classic [October 30, 2013] *
Take two and check your tricorder in the morning: XPRIZE students design the future of medical diagnosis [October 22, 2013] *
Artist Erik Mark Sandberg explores the intersections of landscapes, tacos and razzle dazzle [August 22, 2013] *
Precognition 101: Media Design Practices' visiting researchers explore the ability to predict the future [August 14, 2013] *
Art Center, Caltech and NASA JPL team up to explore data visualization [June 10, 2013] *
Public Programs instructor inspired by Ashcan School and Looney Tunes [May 14, 2013] *
For Deezmaker's Diego Porqueras, the path to 3D printing began with a film course [May 7, 2013] *
Dieter Rams urges graduates toward a responsible design ethos [April 22, 2013] *
Designer Showcase spotlights alumnus Kit Hinrichs and student packaging projects [March 1, 2013] *
For Art Center at Night director Dana L. Walker, "Diversity is really about all of us." [February 25, 2013] *
Forty years of making fine art matter: Outgoing chair Laurence Dreiband [December 13, 2012] *
Goodwill and Art Center embrace the upcycle lifestyle [November 7, 2012] *
Title sequence designer Kyle Cooper on fear, bleeding type, and going lo-fi for "Argo" [October 26, 2012] *
Piaggio asks students to envision mobility in 2022 [September 28, 2012] *
Tron at 30: How Art Center Helped Power the Grid [August 2, 2012] *
Limitless Vision: Maggie Hendrie leads Interaction Design [July 23, 2012]
Visionary director Zack Snyder stops by Art Center [July 11, 2012] *
Filling in the blank: Students bringing TEDx to campus [April 25, 2012] *
Trustee Charles F. Johnson flies high with Red Tails [February 2, 2012] *
Google designer Jonathan Jarvis receives Young Alumni Innovator Award [January 26, 2012] *

Nobody walks in L.A.: Meet ACN student Roberto Galicia [December 8, 2011] *
For Cory Grosser, "Sometimes furniture is too small a word" [November 16, 2011] *
Students spend their summer augmenting reality [September 15, 2011] *
Artist Margaret Wertheim on Hyperbolic: Reefs, Rubbish and Reason [June 27, 2011] *
Day in the life: A Saturday High alum shoots for Nike [May 26, 2011] *
Stop the presses: Students dive head first into Editorial for the iPad [May 17, 2011] *
More from Syd Mead on "Sentury II" [May 2, 2011] *
Art Center at Night students explore brave new worlds [April 27, 2011] *

Art Center College of Design Public Programs email campaigns

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Purposeful [Art Center at Night, Summer 2014] *
Escape the Summer Doldrums [Saturday High, Summer 2014] *
Stressed Out [Art Center at Night, Spring 2014] *
Fight the Good Fight [Saturday High, Spring 2014] *
Mars Needs Kids! [Art Center for Kids, Spring 2014] *
Rock On With Your Bad Self [Art Center at Night, Fall 2013] *
Don't Throw Away That Doodle! [Saturday High, Fall 2013] *
Textiles vs. Robots [Art Center for Kids, Fall 2013] *
Summer is Coming [Art Center at Night, Summer 2013] *
Calling All Major Toms [Art Center at Night, Spring 2013] *


Art Center College of Design Graduation Address, 2013:
Dieter Rams, renowned industrial designer, warns of mindless
consumption and urges responsible design [April 23, 2013]

Los Angeles Times

Stan Lee: Bring on the Dr. Strange video game [October 18, 2011] *     
Batman: Arkham City Takes the Madness Far and Wide [October 3, 2011] *
Comics vet Marv Wolfman talks about writing new Green Lantern game [July 5, 2011] *
X-Men: Destiny game allows players to build their own mutant [June 23, 2011] *
Spider Man: Edge of Time to send Peter Parker back to the future [June 10, 2011] *
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters video game looks to light it up [June 7, 2011] *
Thor: God of Thunder video game looks for new worlds to conquer [June 5, 2011] *
Pirates of the Caribbean Lego: Pig-riding and rare gaming comedy [May 29, 2011] *
Test Drive Unlimited 2: Forget the racing, let's get plastic surgery [March 8, 2011] *    
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Phoenix takes it to the dark side [February 20, 2011] *   

Los Angeles CityBeat/ValleyBeat

The Goo, The Bad, and The Ugly: Tim Biskup's Gama-Goo line [August 30, 2007] *
Byte Me: Atari Founder's new venture is part food, part videogame  [June 28, 2007] *
You Down with MCP?: 25 years later, Tron is more compelling than ever [May 24, 2007] *
From Outer Space and Down Rabbit Holes: Fry's' whimsical store décor [April 12, 2007] *

LA Alternative
Say it Ain't So, Al: Weird Al's Straight Outta Lynwood [September 29, 2006] *
Los Angeles c. 2231: Start planning for the big four-five-oh [August 25, 2006] *
Happy Happy Joy Joy Redux: Ren and Stimpy gets a happy ending [July 14, 2006] * 
Sexy Beast: Why Godzilla keeps us coming back for more [June 23, 2006] *
Los Angeles Plays Itself: E3 was swell, but game makers should get local [May 19, 2006] *

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